Minecraft Sites

This is a list of sites that I have compiled that every minecraft player should know about.

Minecraft Forums: A site with many followers where you can get any questions you have answered as well as the latest news about the minecraft development.

Minecraft Store: Where you can get all the cool minecraft apparel. Includes a wallet, lego, stickers and vinyls as well.

The Story behind it all: This site has a couple of Limited Edition and Original items for sale as well as the story behind Notch the creator.

Vareide: This guy is a youtuber who loves minecraft. I suggest watching his videos because they are all really great and entertaining.

Mojang: The developers behind this great game. Check out their site!

Planet Minecraft: If your into mods then I would suggest joining this site which has a large fan base that adds new mods daily.

Minecraft Classic: This is the game that started everything. Play the classic version here.

Jynx Apparel: This site sells accessories and clothes for every major game out there! Check out the minecraft apparel.

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