Saturday, April 14, 2012

101 Things To Do in Minecraft

1. Make a house

2. Hit a tree

3. Dig some cobble

4. Renovate

5. Create a mineshaft

6. Fight some creepers

7. Build a mob trap

8. Hit a sheep

9. Get some beef

10. Jump off from the highest point in the game

11. Dig straight down to the center of the earth

12. Take a nice hot lava bath!

13. Make yourself a nice hot chicken to enjoy

14. Turn your hard earned wood to charcoal

15. Make a moat to protect your home

16. Create a railroad to your vacation home

17. Make a peaceful zen garden

18. Take a day off from building and hike up a tall mountain

19. Campfire by the beach

20. Make a server and play with your friends

21. Make yourself an iron pick.

22. Make an awesome Redstone contraption.

23. Ride a boat

24. Rollercoaster!!!!!!

25. Build a table

26. Make a fireplace

27. Mine a diamond

28. Find a flower

29. Make a bed and go to sleep

30. Make an awesome piston contraption.

31. Get some dyes

32. Kill a squid

33. Tame a dog and jaguar

34. Make a door fir your house

35. Add a picture to the wall

36. Colored wool

37. Make some pixel art

38. Go swimming

39. Play spleef

40. Deposit your stuff

41. Kill a pig with fire

42. Get some babies

43. Make a farm

44. Bake a loaf of bread

45. Spend the night outside

46. Flatten a mountain

47. Spawn some stuff

48. Make an underwater home

49. Take a bath

50. Make a nether portal

51. Use lightstone

52. Fight off a zombie pig horde

53. Kill some endermen

54. Make a treehouse

55. Get a new skin

56. Make a fishing rod

57. Sail to a new world

58. Catch a fish

59. Find a village

60. /\ Blow it up

61. Make a sports court

62. Find a mob spawner

63. Ride a pig

64. Grow a giant mushroom

65. Visit a swamp

66. Use some flint and steel

67. Burn down a forest

68. Plant a tree

69. Climb a vine and be Tarzan

70. Use cactus to protect your home

71.  Chicken farm to get eggs, feathers and chicken

72. Feed your animals

73. Create a library

74. Hang out in your sun room

75. Party with your friends on your roof

76. Drown in water

77. Enchant your tools

78. Create a minecart system

79. All glass mini home

80. Make a sauna room

81. Read a book in bed

82. Milk a cow

83. Bake a cake

84. Fight through an nether castle

85. Go to the end

86. Shoot a bow

87. Kill a ghast

88. Make a nether fort and base

89. Make a playable minecraft game.

90. Bury a loved one

91. Fight another player

92. Make a music box and play music

93. Make an exhibition shooting range

94. Ride your boat down a waterfall

95. Free run off the top off trees

96. Save a creeper from burning in the daytime

97. Tunnel through a mountain

98. Find the end of the minecraft world.

99. Make a superstructure

100. Make a final stand defense if all else fails against the mobs.

101. Make city with all your friends

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