Saturday, April 14, 2012

Minecraft More Achievments

Master Fisherman 20 points

-Catch 200 fish total

The Daredevil 50 points

-Go into a cave without torches and come back out with 10 iron.

Kung Fu Master 25 points

-Kill 20 creepers in one night

Ender Defender 30 points

-Survive and thrive in the ender with only your choice of pick

Renovations 5 points

-Renovate a room in your house

Long Jumper 10 points

-Jump from the highest point of minecraft all the way to bedrock

The Boss 25 points

-Survive a night outside with only your fists

Nature Lover  40 points

-Collect at least 1 lily pad, leaf block, vine, grass, sapling, seed, mushroom, and apple.

I Love Minecraft! 25 points

-Fill 4 large chests with cobblestone

Musician 15 points

-Craft a total of 20 music blocks

Naughty Naughty 10 points

-Destroy a village

Color Mixer 40 points

-Collect one of every color dye

Rain Rain Go Away 5 points

-Rain once in your minecraft world

Save Our Planet 10 points

-Plant 10 saplings that grow into trees

Stand Out of the Crowd 5 points

-Change your skin
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Librarian 20 points

-Make a library with bookshelves

Beautiful World 10 points

-Make a window in your house

The Prestige 50 points

-Obtain full diamond armor

Bling Bling 20 points

-Collect a total of 30 gold INGOTS

Diggy Diggy Hole 20 points

-Spend 1 hour underground without coming back up

New Generation 15 points

-Make a baby animal

Master Farmer 30 points

-Farm 100 wheat and 100 sugar cane

Sniper 15 points

-Hit a mob that is at least 200 blocks away

First Light 5 points

-Mine your first piece of coal

What Are You? (Add up your points and find out!)

0-49 points- Nothing
50-149 points-Novice
150-249 points- Master
250-349 points-Elite
350-449 points- Sensei
450-499 points- King
500 points- Universe Ruler

Post what you are, pictures or videos of the achievements, and anything else related to this below. My thanks to everyone who participates!

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